Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Today we welcomed Antonio into our home! He actually arrived in our center last week, along with his twin sister, Eliza. They've never been separated and rely on each other a lot so we thought it best that he stay with her in the girls area for a bit while he got used to the center. We are praying he will adjust well to our dorm! Other missionaries here at the center have known of them for about a year. Their parents have both passed away and they were living with their grandmother. Sadly, she didn't want them and didn't take care of them. The little money she made carrying water, she spent on alcohol. The kids mostly begged in their community and people in the church helped as well. We are so grateful to be able to be here for children like these, to be able to pour the love of the Father into their wounded hearts, to take care of their physical needs and shower them with love and joy. Please pray for Antonio and his sister Eliza to feel at home here and to know they too are children of God!


mariah said...

You and your boys are always in my prayers. What a cutie!

grammy said...

Antonio is so cute. Sorry to be so confusing. I have never been there an have never met you. I think I said i visited you...meaning your blog. My daughter worked for Team Expansion for seven years. Two years were on a team in Afghanistan. I like to look at mission blogs. Fun to meet you through your blog.

Anonymous said...

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