Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Domingos has been living in another center for the last six years. Sadly, we have recently received several children from this center who weren't being looked after properly. Domingos was frequently left sitting unclothed, in his vomit and regurgitation. We thought he had a gastro-intestinal problem but upon arriving at our center and being fed and cared for properly, he has almost stopped vomiting completely. We think he was just eating so fast to avoid others from stealing his food. His father has since visited and told us his mother left for South Africa, abandoning her family. The father is unable to give Domingos the care he needs and work and he has never remarried. Domingos is nearly 10, doesn't speak and wears diapers. We're not sure yet what he's capable of in the natural but in God, he's unlimited! We have faith for great things for Domingos!

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